Keeping you Safe

In majority of the cyber attacks, more than the systems, it's the human mind that gets hacked.

Victim of
Financial scam?

Have you lost your money in an online scam? We at Dinosys Infotech will provide you with full guidance, tools and strategies to get your money back.

Victim of Cyber Bullying?

Is someone harassing you online?  Get our tools on how to effectively report to the Law Enforcement Agencies or just sit back and have us do it.

Did you get hacked?

Did someone gain unauthorized access to your System? We will investigate on your behalf and traceback to the offender and make the online space safe for you again.

Why Us

How do we do it?

Initial Recon

Situation Assessment

Our experts will analyse your situation and based upon that we will provide you Technical & Legal assistance to deal with it.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Provide you Customized Toolkit

Based upon analysis of the issue faced by you, we are equipped with advanced tools that you can use to control the situation and get a solution.

End to End Solution

A to Z Implementation

We will execute the whole plan for you and make the online space safe for you again.

About Us

Who we are

We work with individuals & Corporations and steer them from an Unprotected Online state to a Protected Online State.

We have solved more than 500 cases with various Law Enforcement Agencies across the country.

We at Dinosys Infotech are working with Individuals, Corporations & Government Agencies across the country in order to take them from an unprotected online state to a protected online state through our Trainings, Consultations and Security Assessment Programs. We are actively working towards Securing the Online Space for Individuals all across the country through the tools and Methodologies that we provides in our Consultation and Training Programs. We have had a privilege to serve 50000+ individuals including Students, Professionals, Corporates, Lawyers, Police Officials etc

We have also been working with Law Enforcement Agencies for Investigations and Training for their officials. We realized that the general masses in the country are clueless when they become a victim of a cybercrime. With this platform, we aim to cater the best possible help to each and every individual facing a security issue in the cyber space.

Some of

Our clients